About us

With 45 odd years of combined experience its clear to see that Mark and Boris , the owners of Props to the Stars, have dedicated most of there working lives to the South African film and TV Industries. In fact, besides serving two years of military conscription in the 1980’s, the film industry is the only commercial job they have ever had...........

Looking for a propmaster, art director or dedicated props team for your next project? 

We are a call away and if available, ready to travel wherever necessary?

Our website is dedicated to supplying the public with information relating to our participation in the South African film and television industry.

Should you wish, please feel free to page further for up to date CV’s and photographs past projects and a brief inventory of what Props to the Stars as a rental company carries.

What is a prop some may ask? Simple. A prop is a piece of equipment or item which an actor/actress uses on-screen to enhance his or her performance. Generally, if an actor touches it, it is a prop.

Props come in all shapes and sizes, old or new and very often have to be made according to design and specification involving much creative input. We specialize in props and are very proud of the small part we play in our countries entertainment industry. 

Please feel free to visit our warehouse at any time during office hours Monday to Saturday where our dedicated warehouse staff of Melanie, Rob, or Lucia, will be at your service.