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Mark Auret and “Boris” M.A. Rivett -Carnac formed Props to the stars in 2001 and have worked many years together in the South African Film and Television industry. What was once their H.Q and base station in Cape Town is now a fully fledged side line business commonly known as Props to the Stars.

Boris and Mark have a combined 45 odd years together servicing the South African Film and television. 

Mark remembers fondly the days working in and around Johannesburg as a young lighting technician on popular television series at the time like “The Game” with Gavin Hood and also TV 2/3 series such as “Mina Nawe” and “Thlakantsuke”. bah blah

Both Mark and Boris have worked in various levels of Art Department including prop truck driving, props standby, props mastering and in recent years Mark has put more efforts in working as an Art Director and has a few small production design credits. Props to the Stars is a Prop Rental facility providing props and set dressing items to films, TV, events and various other entertainment companies.

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